Tuesday, March 20, 2007

5000 :)

No, that's not a new movie with 5000 Spartans fighting off 5 million Persians...

That's the number of unique visits this little blog of mine has gotten so far!!! 5000 unique visits! Cool, right?!

Yea, 5000 doesn't look that big, but when you consider the lengthly blog-winters I've subjected this blog to and the random crap that I've written about, it's not too bad either...

Hmm, lets do some math here... there are 136 posts on this blog (that's it?!) and that would mean that each post has been read close to 37 times! (I get the feeling that there's something terribly wrong with that calculation back there :P)

Anyways... as always, I hope I can keep the current blogging streak alive for as long as possible... And 10,000 might not be too far away :)


Photo: Screen shot from Google Analytics showing visits and page views over

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