Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Interactive mirrors! Now we're talking :)

Wow, I can't believe that no one thought of this until now!

Bloomingdale's New York has just debuted the first interactive mirror! No, I'm not talking about a Snow white kinda mirror which talks back to you when you ask questions... This, in fact, is even better :)

This new mirror actually functions as a high-resolution digital display which shows images of selected clothes on it... which means... you don't have to keep changing clothes again and again at the shop when you wanna try them on! All you have to do, is choose the outfit you like and stand in front of the mirror. It'll show you how you would look with those clothes on. Neat!

Well that's not all. It will also upload a digital image of you 'in' those clothes to a website where you're friends can comment on it and tell you whether it looks good or not... Hmmm, not bad. But then again, as Josh Spear points out - 'Women go shopping together for a reason! What woman would want to sit behind a computer screen and give her friends fashion advice?!' True, but I really can't comment on that coz I don't fit into the target demographic (I hope...).

In any case, the basic idea is cool. Not having to repeatedly change up to try clothes on at a store may just be a need that's strong enough to propel this technology on. If this test turns out to be a success, Bloomingdale's plans to install similar setups in its other stores across the US as well.

This kinda reminds me of TryEmAll... Wondering what that is? Well, don't worry, you're not supposed to know anyway :)


Image courtesy: www.joshspear.com


sherene said...

Haha I know what TryEmAll is :P

This is a pretty neat technology, but I personally still prefer wearing the clothes on and feeling the fabric and fit against my skin. Trying out many clothes is part and parcel of a great shopping experience ;) It's not a burden at all, except for the men accompanying the women :D

sirpsycho said...

I can never understand women! Wait, let me rephrase that...
No wonder we can't understand women :)