Saturday, August 05, 2006

Lifehacker junk

Lifehacker is a great blog that is updated daily with numerous interesting and useful tips for life (or 'lifehacks'). These include nifty software and web-related hacks to improve productivity and the way you do things. Their website proudly declares: 'Don't live to geek; geek to live'.

And so, I've been following this site for quite some time now and have picked up a number of useful things from here, including how to open one beer bottle using another!

Lately, however, I've noticed that this site is getting filled with junk. By junk I mean absolutely useless, nonsensical and obvious tips. Bullshit, basically.

Here are a few examples:
1. How to convert time from the 24-hr format to the 12-hr format
(yea, someone actually thought he's posting a cool trick that hundreds of lifehacker readers will be eternally grateful for!)
2. Alphabetize the Start menu
(dude! are u a freakin windows newbie?! why the hell are u posting absolute bullshit on lifehacker and wasting our time?!)

I've come across many more which I can't recall right now. Let me make myself clear here. I am not sayin that Lifehacker sucks. It's an awesome site, with plenty of great tips. But it'll be much better without all these junk posts.


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