Friday, August 04, 2006

The Techcrunch Party thing...

This happened a couple of weeks back.

Not able to get sleep, I was browsing Techcrunch a few weeks back when I came upon this entry about the next Techcrunch party to be held on Aug 18th. Although, I haven't been to any of those before, I've certainly heard about them. The techcrunch party is a huge gathering of tech people (read geeks) that happens every year. This one was Techcrunch7.

This was around 2am and I decided to sign up for it. Surprisingly, when I went to the wiki that Arrington had setup for the party, there were only 2 people who had signed up - Michael Arrington and David Hornik, a VC from August Capital (which was a sponsor for the party). I quickly added my name at the third position. I also added a link to NUSEA, a student entrepreneurial organization that I'm part of. Only later, would all the Techcrunch readers see this and sign up for the party in the hundreds. A few of them actually sneekily added their names above mine, pushing my entry to the 6th or 7th position.

Anyways, after adding the event to my calendar, I forgot about this until I came across this article on Valleywag. I had been mentioned on Valleywag! Valleywag is a popular blog in the Silicon Valley, and I was quite surprised to find my name in one of their articles. It mentioned the fact that I was one of the first to sign up for the party. This is what it read:
Prashant Sarkar, a man from a Singapore entrepreneurial group, was the first guest to sign up at 2:36 AM. Probably in another time zone, so that's forgiveable. [Update: The group, NUSEA, is based in the Bay, so he is refreshing TechCrunch at 2:36 AM.]
hehe... Considering the fact that there are atleast a few thousand people following Valleywag, that is a lot of much needed and good publicity for NUSEA!

Arrington has however, moved the wiki to SocialText now and rearranged the list of attendees by name order. So, my entry (Prashant Sarkar) appears somewhere far down the list now.

If you are in the bay area, do try and make it for the techcrunch party (after registering, of course)... the attendees include all kinds of startup ceos, bloggers and vcs... it'll be a great place to network and have fun.

UPDATE: I just saw Justin Lee's post about this techcrunch party thing - Another TechCrunch party and Prashant does NUSEA proud.


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