Monday, December 18, 2006

Thanking Kevin Rose

Last Friday, Brian, GC and I went down to the Digg office to meet Kevin Rose one last time before we head back to Singapore. It was just a short meeting where we thanked him for mentoring us for the past 6 months. We also gave him a little gift - something that Brian had brought from Barcelona.

I've learned quite a lot from Kevin in these 6 months. I've been inspired by his go-get-it attitude and his passion. And the best part is that in spite of being where he is, he is extremely down to earth...

Take me for example... Who would expect Kevin Rose to take some random person (me) who walked up to him at some conference, as his mentee?! He had no reason to say yes... He just did it coz he thought I would benefit from it... I think that this attitude is what separates him from the rest... and it will definitely go a long way towards guaranteeing his success.

Ultimately, it all comes down to this personal touch... Personal touch to your customers, personal touch to your employees and personal touch to the people around you... Going out of your way to make the others around you happy... I think that's the best way to build strong relationships and networks...

Another good example is this post I just saw on Basically, a Digg fan from Canada wrote to Kevin Rose telling him that he really loved the site and that the new revision (Digg v3) was really cool... Most Founders/CEOs would probably read something like this and forget about it... Not Kevin.. He actually wrote back and included a nice little gift for the Digg fan.. pretty cool, huh? Besides being a nice gesture, this is a smart PR move as well! This story has got Dugg upto the front page!



The Prodigy said...

Dude... I'm Andre, the guy from Canada! Haha how's it going? Nice little mention of me in that post! How in the world did you meet Kevin and work with him? That's insane! Hit me back on my blog (that totally needs to get updated!)

Kalyani said...

hehe nice one!! the digg story now has 7 diggs..!

Anonymous said...

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