Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Getting Dugg!

I was just checking out my blog's visitor stats today and saw quite a few visits from a digg.com page... Curious, I clicked on the link and to my pleasant surprise I saw a digg story on one of my posts!

Here's the link: http://digg.com/tech_news/Thanking_Kevin_Rose

Someone called thespy apparently submitted this story to Digg.com and I even got dugg 6 times! Pretty cool, huh?! hehe... :)

And Andre Fedor, the Canadian guy who I mentioned in my previous post acutally found my blog through digg and commented on my post!


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The Prodigy said...

That's really awesome!!! He totally seems down to earth. I'm actually trying to start a production company with a buddy of mine, and I'm shooting off another letter to him tomorrow in fact! I'm wondering how infamous I'll be now that people know who I am (sorta). I swear it was Kevin that turned me into a computer geek back in the days of Tech TV. I found though that the responses I've been getting on Blogger, are far more positive than the ones from Digg. I totally thought that there were so many Kevin fans that his response, and my letter of praise would have been welcomed with less criticism than it's been given.