Saturday, September 09, 2006

Second Life servers hacked!

I got an email from Second Life today. It had a link to this article on their website.

Apparently, there has been a huge database breach at Linden Labs (the creators of Second Life). The hackers were able to access and steal the encrypted passwords and encrypted credit card information of all 642, 720 users of Second Life. Amusingly, Linden Labs mentions that users' unencrypted credit card information was not compromised. Yea right! Is that supposed to make the users feel safer?

Anyways, Linden Labs has reset the passwords of all users. With Second Life growing in popularity in the recent past, this was just the thing that they did NOT need at this time. With the credit card information of hundreds of thousands of users potentially compromised, this could be a nightmare for the guys at Linden Labs.

Luckily, I had signed up only to check this thing out and so I never gave in my credit card information.


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