Saturday, August 05, 2006

408 Reviews for a gallon of milk!

Check this out... A gallon of Tuscan Whole Milk put up on received 408 reviews! Unbelievable! Here are some of the amusing reviews:
"One Gallon Whole Milk
It does a body very good
Now the chicks dig me"

"One cannot merely sip or drink this full-bodied bovine nectar; it must be thrust at great force into one's mouth to appreciate it. Few things in life reach such perfection - the gleeful laughter of children; the strong but vulnerable movies of Ang Lee, and the lactastic, liquid ectasy of Tuscan Whole Milk. For our own protection, it can only be sold in 128 ounce portions, lest we lose ourselves in autogestive insanity."

"This is the richest, creamiest milk that has slid down my windpipe in ages. I can't believe this came out of a cow's teat, held lonesome in some old barn, flies around. And yet, that old world flavor! I don my tuscan breeches and hed for the sea. It's olive harvest time and my sister's friend is looking ripe."

Haha! and many more... all this for a carton of milk...


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1 comment:

sherene said...

HAHA! These are dream consumers for marketing folks :D Such feedback for a carton of!