Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Gotuit - free premium video!

Gotuit is a refreshing new online video service that bridges the gap between Youtube and Guba.

For the uninitiated, Youtube allows individual users to submit their own videos. Youtube in facts imposes a 100MB size limit on videos submitted to it. So, obviously Youtube is not the place to go to if you want to legally watch professional/premium video content. Guba, on the other hand offers premium content for a fee. So, you can find stuff like music videos and tv shows here.

Gotuit brings together the best of both worlds. As of now, it offers content under 4 categories - Music, News, Sports and Entertainment. Gotuit has partnered with various content providers to be able to provide such a wide variety of premium content legally.

The best part is that you can stream all this video for free. According to Techcrunch, Gotuit intends to make money through advertising (advertising around the content + 15 second video ads).

The interface is really smooth and intuitive. Its completely flash based. The videos load amazingly fast - the second u click on them. Though there is no full screen view, you can resize the videos to make them bigger. Another thing i like about Gotuit is that its like a web-based TV with 4 channels. Once you click on entertainment, for example, it creates a playlist and plays videos continuously, one after the other. So you can have it running in the background at home while you're doing other things.

The collection of music videos is pretty impressive too. I searched for Nirvana and got over 6-8 nirvana videos. "Metallica" however returned none (they probably haven't tied up with their label yet). There are around 2000 music videos on the site already (the site is a day old) and I expect them to have a pretty impressive collection soon.

I would love to see TV shows (Scrubs, Family Guy, Prison Break and House are at the top of my list :P) appear on Gotuit soon. Free streaming of TV shows on Gotuit could actually change the landscape of online premium video content (iTunes included). In fact, with their continuous TV like streaming, you could watch an entire season of Scrubs back to back without even touching your wallet... mmm :P

Let me remind you, this is not a video sharing service. It is a site that allows you to view premium video content for free.

I like it. Check it out.



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