Friday, April 14, 2006


from my email to my Lawrence school friends.. (the discussion was about V for Vendetta and Rang de Basanti)

V for Vendetta......... hmmm... i went to see it primarily coz it was a wachowski bros movie :)..

it has a lot of things going for it.. special effects, screenplay, the whole theme behind the movie and the symbolism hidden beneath it.. but there were some things that kept me from rating this movie as a 'must watch'..

firstly.. the movie felt a bit too comic-book-ish (in fact it is based on a comic).. i mean the guy with the mask.. his secret batman-like hideout.. the i-am-a-mean-bad-evil-guy-out-to-conquer-the-world kinda villain character.. and so on....
the movie would've been much better without all these whistles.. They could've put forth the same ideas in a more believable, down to earth and sane offering like Rang de Basanti..

but then again, most of my friends were all aaaahs and oooohs about this movie.. so i guess my views may not reflect the general public opinion :P



guile said...

even with a shaved head, ms portman still looks stunning :)..

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