Thursday, April 13, 2006

inside info about Billmonk!!

One cool benefit of being out here in the Silicon Valley is that you can get to know about things before others do!.. hehe.. and the sources could be anything from valley rumours to emails from ceos themselves..
well, gaurav (ceo, mailed a few of us today (the ones who had dinner with him after RML at cheesecake factory).. basically to settle the bill on and in the email, Gaurav let us in on some billmonk news!

"Again, I apologize for the delay. We've been working on big new change to BillMonk which will go live tomorrow afternoon! Stay tuned."

"Btw, this reminds me: we really need an itemized bill entry screen on BillMonk for big complicated dinners like this one. It's on our feature list and we'll get to it soon! (especially if I go out on more big dinners...)"...

well there you go... i know that billmonk is going to have a new feature/change tomorrow! not bad right?!
OK OK! billmonk is a small company.. not really a big deal.. but then again, this is just the beginning!



Chuck Groom (a fellow BillMonk) said...

Oh, it's a big deal! :) The new BillMonk library feature went live at noon; see the blog post.

psycho said...

hey chuck!
great stuff at billmonk! nice job you guys... :)
will spread the word around :)
happy billmonking!

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