Monday, April 02, 2007


Check this out...

Sonopia, a Menlo Park, CA based company, actually allows you to launch your own mobile phone career... And apparently it just takes minutes to set up!

Obviously, by 'mobile phone career', they are actually referring to an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) - a company that leases out cellular bandwidth from conventional careers and provides it to customers with additional value added services.

You can create your own calling plan and tailor the service to serve a particular set of customers.. One can only imagine the number of wireless 'companies' that are going to spring up as a result of this! They have already set up a number of networks - including NWF mobile, DOGSF and 4x4 wireless. NWF (National Wildlife Fund) for example offers a 450 minute plan for $40 and they even guarantee you that a good portion of the money that you spend will go towards protecting wildlife!

I can't wait to launch "PsychoTel" :P


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sherene said...

Awesome stuff :D