Thursday, March 15, 2007


"If you have love stray dogs, you should take responsibility for ensuring that they do not bite people"
This was a 'concerned' Bangalore resident complaining about the fact that Animal Rights Activists all over India condemned the indiscriminate killing of hundreds of stray dogs in Bangalore.

What amuses me is the clearly flawed logic in what Mr Santosh is trying to say!

Does this mean that just because you love/like something/someone, you need to take responsibility for their actions?!

What if we were talking about tigers here? I love tigers! But does that mean that every time someone around the world gets killed by a tiger, I should be put in jail?!

I understand Santosh's concern for the residents of Bangalore and I definitely value the safety of all of them. But going out and ill treating these animals and indiscriminately killing them is definitely not the solution.


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