Friday, December 15, 2006

StumbleVideo - Just what I wanted!

So you've heard of StumbleUpon right? What StumbleUpon did was to bring the concept of TV channel surfing to the Internet. StumbleUpon is a browser plugin that allows you to basically 'stumble upon' new sites that are recommended by other users. So you don't know where you're gonna go next but you know what kind of stuff you wanna see (you specify your interests in the settings). Pretty cool idea, but... It's just that this channel surfing concept didn't really gel well with websites... I played around with it for a bit, found some cool websites, and then later got bored...

NOW, the same company has just released their latest website - StumbleVideo, where they go one step closer to a real TV. StumbleVideo basically allows you to 'channel surf' through videos from YouTube, Metacafe, Google videos, etc. Again, you specify the 'channel' you like - this includes humor, guitar, news, dancing, etc. Have you ever gone to one of these video sites just to look around? To look for something to watch? Have you gone to these sites just to waste time? Well, then StumbleVideo is just for you. It takes the effort out of timepass! You just click the Stumble button to go to the next video...

The Digg aspect
Where's the Web2.0 part you ask? Well, of course! Users can vote for the video ("I like it") or against it ("Not for me"). So, the videos are basically streamed based on their popularity. Pretty cool, huh?

And oh yea, if you register an account (the cool part is that you don't have to, if you just wanna watch some videos), it will keep track of your preferences and show videos that you might like. Also, you can connect with other Stumblers and see what they like/don't like...

Hmm, I guess they've covered all the bases for a Web2.0, UGC, community-powered site! Anyways, do check it out... I liked it!


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