Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Bomb explodes at Paypal Office

A bomb went off inside the PayPal headquarters in San Jose today. The bomb was placed at the exit that leads to the company's conference center. According to the fire department, there was no fire however. The website is still up and running (obviously, coz they wouldn't be running the actual website from their building. It would be running off distributed datacenters).

Click here for the CBS report on the incident.

Well, things are getting really scary up here in the Bay Area. Last week, I read about two gun shootings in Sunnyvale (where I live). Sunnyvale, btw, happens to be one of the safest cities in the US. And then, last night, at the mega halloween party at Castro St, SF, gunshots were fired and 10 people were reportedly injured. Luckily, I was stuck in my office, preparing for an exam. Or else, who knows, I may not have been alive to write this damn post!

And now - A BOMB?! That too in the bay area? That's freakin scary!

And why Paypal??? I dont think terrorists are behind this.. they wouldn't target Paypal out of all the things out here... they would perhaps go for the big guys like google or oracle, if they even chose the bay area... So then, who could it be? I would say it's probably some disgruntled employee who went crazy... What do you think?


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raju said...

Probably someone wanted to get into their office to get hold of some credit card numbers and used this bomb as a cover.

anyways, don't you feel shit like this makes life more interesting...especially when u don't end up as a corpse..:p