Thursday, October 05, 2006

New mentor: Kevin Rose

Whooo.. i'm excited!
Guess what? Guess who I was just speaking to on the phone???
Kevin Rose! Yes... THE Kevin Rose... The founder of and Revision3... the guy whose photo Business Week splashed on their covers recently... the guy who made $60million in 18 months!
I've gotten Kevin in onto the NUSEA Mentorship program! This is the 5th mentor that I've managed to get in the past 5 months... and every time I get a new mentor for the program, I get this really amazing feeling - a sense of achievement... and this is one of those moments :)



Gwen said...


Sherene said...

good stuff...congrats! :)

psycho said...

Thanks!!! :)

Justin Lee said...

not bad, well done, hopefully one day we can have 'cooler' internships