Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Google CEO joins Apple's Board of Directors!

Eric Schmidt has just joined the Apple board of directors according to an announcement made by Apple today.

Could this possibly spell trouble for Microsoft?
Especially in the wake of its Zune effort?
Are we going to see a Google-Apple collaboration in the Digital Media segment? A Google-backed iTunes maybe?

The media (both traditional as well as online) is giving a lot of attention to this issue. The Newsweek is proclaiming that this could be a move towards the toppling of the other Silicon Valley software giant, Microsoft. The Wall Street Journal says that this board member appointment 'unites two of the most high-profile executives in the business — Mr. Schmidt and Apple CEO Steve Jobs — prompting speculation that the move could lead to a deeper alliance between the companies at some point'.

This could mean a number of different things. Or it could mean nothing. In any case, this is going to generate a lot of interest. Well we'll just have to wait n watch.


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