Sunday, August 13, 2006


As soon as I published my post about Windows Live Writer using Live Writer, I tried to view it in Firefox. To my horror, my blog refused to load! I tried the link in IE and it showed up just fine.

After a few tries, I was quite pissed that my blog was not viewable on Firefox. So, I immediately posted another entry proclaiming that Live Writer sucks and it screws up your blog. Well, what was I supposed to do when my bloody blog wasn't loading in Firefox and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it.

Following this I went to the MS blog where Live Writer had been released and posted this comment:

Windows Live Writer has totally screwed up my Blogger blog -
The blog is not viewable on Firefox anymore. It only displays in IE. This stupid software has ruined my blog. Please tell me how I can correct this problem.
One good thing about Live Writer is the Web Layout view where I can write a post using my blog template itself. It is very useful when I am trying to get the alignment of photos and text right.
However, I am back to using Performancing because of the fact that Windows Live Writer has made my blog unviewable on Firefox.

After about half an hour of fiddling around with Live Writer, my blog suddenly showed up fine on Firefox! Around the same time, I got a mail from a guy at Microsoft asking me what exactly was wrong! I was surprised at the promptness of this reply. It's 11.12 on a Sunday night, and this guy at Microsoft is actually taking the pains to tend to the problems of the beta users. I'm impressed!

Now that everything is working fine, I've removed my blog entry titled "UPDATE: Windows Live Writer - disappointing". I've also replied to the developer from MS who emailed me.

Well, I don't think I'm going to switch back to Performancing after all. I'm posting from Live Writer right now and I guess I'll continue to do so. I just have one more request - support for Technorati tags. Until that gets added, I don't mind taking the trouble to add the tags manually.


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