Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Upcoming events

Here are a few interesting events that are coming up in the bay area:

1. WebGuild's Mobile Web Trends on the 18th of July at the Google Headquarters. Its 15 bucks per head for non-members.

2. Entrepreneur27 will be organizing a Wine List Meetup at Spalti's Ristorante in Palo Alto on the 20th. It's 20 bucks per head and there are only 40 places available. So if you wanna go, hurry up and register.

I'll be going for both these events.
I've got some other interesting things lined up in the week ahead too. Excelics is having a Grand Opening Ceremony for the newly costructed 4" wafer fabrication facility in Sunnyvale. Also, SEA is hosting a sort of summer poolside barbeque on Saturday. Looks like a pretty packed week ahead :)



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