Friday, July 28, 2006

Revenge of the tenants!

We moved last week. Guangchen, Dev and I have been living at Foxtail Dr for quite some time now and we decided to move into a bigger house nearby. We spent the whole night packing up and cleaning the house to make it look absolutely spotless. After a long night, Dev and I went to the new place to sleep while Guangchen (GC) waited at the Foxtail apt for the landlords. After a while, I got a call from GC. He sounded quite worried and asked me to come over to the old house.

I went there and found out that the landlord had seen a cockroach in the house while inspecting the place and so he had decided to withhold 100$ of the deposit. Apparently, it takes 100$ to remove a cockroach in the US. Haha, these people should come to India! Anyways, I went to the landlord (Mark) to object. This is the conversation that transpired:

Me: How can you withhold 100$ from our rent? How do you know that the cockroach came from our apartment?! There are three other apartments in this building and it could have come from anyone!
Mark: The other tenants have been living here for a long time and we never had this problem before. So it must be you.
Me: That's not true! The guy upstairs moved in only a month ago!
Mark: Yea, but he complained to me about cockroaches a few weeks back. You guys didn't tell me anything about it.
Me: Well, so the problem is that we didn't approach you when we saw cockroaches? But then, you are blaming us for the cockroaches! How do you think we caused them to get here!
Mark: Well, I don't know how cockroaches come.. Maybe they came in your food.
(that pissed me off a bit)
Me: Well, for starters, we haven't cooked here for months now. And secondly, we buy the regular stuff from Safeway and Albertsons! Do you mean to say that there are cockroaches IN the food?!
Mark: Yea... I don't what all you guys eat.. Maybe it was in your food!
Me: That's bullshit! You're just using us as scapegoats because we're vacating and you have our deposit. You cannot withhold our money like that!
Mark's wife (one true bitch): Mark, why are you even talking to these people. We have the money and we can withhold what we want!
(and that really pissed me off!)
Me: You can't do that!
Mark's wife: Well, tough luck! Go to court if you want.

By this time I was fuming. I obviously did not go to court for a 100 bucks. But I had to do something. So as soon as we vacated, the first thing I did was go to Craigslist and find their ad for a new tenant. And then I posted an ad just next to that. Check it out.

Within a day, I got three replies thanking me for warning them about the landlord. I couldn't get the deposit back but I at least caused the landlords to loose a few days' rent. Well, that's my kinda revenge!


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sherene said...

hahahaha :D good one. what a pain of a landlord though!