Monday, July 31, 2006

Must Try - Margharita Chicken Drumlets at Chili's!

Last night, Dev, Guangchen and me decided to go someplace nice to eat. After checking out the high priced menu at Black Angus and acting like vegetarians to get out of there unembarrased, we ended up at Chili's.
GC and Dev ordered a Country Steak each. I wasn't really hungry and so decided to look for something less filling. After browsing the menu for a while, my eyes settled on a picture of delicious looking chicken wings neatly packed into a margharita glass!
Intrigued and amused, I decided to order it... And that was the best decision I've made in a looong time!
What I got was a piece of heaven. Yummy chicken wings marinated overnight in margharita (yea, thats right, margharita!). Served with a lovely honey lime sauce mixed with the margharita marinade. Awesome!
Haha.. you should have seen the looks on GC's and Dev's faces. They were reluctantly trying to down the crappy, fried steak while I was gorging away at my juicy drumlets :)
And to top it off, Dev and I ordered the hot chocolate cake with icecream - another one of Chili's specials. It's soft chocolate cake dripping with warm chocolate syrup, topped with vanilla icecream. Mmmmm!


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Kalyani said...

aaah! yummy!!!! (the desert part of it, that is..! :P )

sherene said...

yum tht looks delicious :D