Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Guess who's back?!

Wow! Today's a great day for me! For 2 reasons actually.. one's private and the other is this:

Xiaoyuan is back!!!

I know, you're like ".........?!"  (the dont know what to say look interwoven with bits of the what the hell are you saying look)

Ok ok... flashback:
I came to work at Excelics (unfortunately) about 6 months back.. and there was just one IT employee here at that point - Xiaoyuan. This is understandable considering the fact that Excelics is a semiconductor company. And Xiaoyuan managed the ERP system for Excelics. I was supposed to work with her. I didn't know jack shit about ERP or .NET or C# or whatever the hell I was supposed to know. But I had intended to take my own cool time to pick it up. After all, I was going to be here for a whole year. Also, the ERP system was completely undocumented, which meant that you have to read through the code (all 100,000 lines of it!) to understand what was going on in the ERP. Still, I was about as worried as a 4-year old happily licking away from a cone of ice-cream. I always felt that as long as Xiaoyuan was there to clear my doubts n stuff, there wouldn't be any problem. And so, each day passed with me blissfully browsing the net or sending email or orkutting...

And then one fine day, Xiaoyuan announced that she's going off for 4 months on maternity leave!

I was like "...........?!"

From that day till today... every single day has been living hell over here! I was knocked out of my blissful ignorant perpetual holiday like a rat shot from a cannon. Suddenly I found myself handling the entire ERP system myself (NO ONE else in the company knew ANYTHING about it!). And this meant everything from troubleshooting to massive upgrades to backups to everything. It also meant that every time there was anything wrong with the system, all eyes were on me! The worst part was that the ERP is pretty crucial to production. There were a couple of times the entire production stopped bcoz of some problems in the ERP. I can still remember the time when the production manager and a few others were circling my cubicle nervously and I was there fumbling around with the code acting as if I had everything under control.

But I somehow managed to learn most of it and become familiar with the whole thing over a month or so. But still, I kept finding myself bogged down with a million things to do!

Now guess what? Xiaoyuan is finally back! (i guess i already said that... well, balls...)

And so I'm slowly sliding back into those pre-cannonball days! (See, I'm blogging from work right now.. :P)
hmmmm! it feels good to be back in the saddle again :)

And I just can't seem to get this huge smile on my face...



Kalyani said...

hehe!! good for you!! now u can finally sleeeepp eh!?! :)

sherene said...

lol! congrats and enjoy the good times of chilling out :D

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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