Monday, July 31, 2006

Google Analytics

I had signed up for the Google Analytics beta last week and I got the invite today. I just set up my account for this blog and also inserted their code into this blog. It hasn't started tracking the page yet.

My first impression is that Google has done a very good job. The interface seems pretty intuitive and the features are quite professional. Until now I have been using StatCounter (the counter on your right) which gives me pretty good stats. But Google Analytics seems to offer a lot more information.

I will post a review of it here once I'm done checking it out.

Screenshot (click to enlarge):


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dilettina said...

so far so near...

ciao ciao! from italy..

psycho said...

haha.. yes.. very true!
Just saw your flickr photos.. very interesting!

Goldfish Girl said...

What the hell is Google Analytics? My dad was working in Google for a while and when I went to see him at work I couldn't resist; free Ben&Jerry's? free chocolate? Massage chairs? LAVA LAMPS???


psycho said...

yea! isn't their office awesome?!
i went there for a Google tour.. i would love to work there! free food, massage chairs, beach volleyball... mmmmm...
Google analytics is a new service that allows you to track the number and type of visitors to your website.. it tells you which country/ISP your visitors came from, how long they stayed on your site, etc.