Sunday, July 16, 2006

a dumb way to die...

After a nice evening of watching Superman and havin a few drinks at the local bar, you head home to sleep. Next morning you get up and suddenly realize that your eyesight is perfect! (it used to be a -3 on both eyes before).
Being all surprised n shit, you head to the mirror and check out your muscles. They 'seem' to be much bigger! You're like... 'woah! cool shit!'.
The next thing you know, you have a towel hanging from your back and you're ready to 'fly' off the roof of your building!
And, as you step off the edge of the roof, to your horror and slight amusement,you realize that you had forgotten to remove your freakin contact lenses the previous night!!!
Well, being the man that you are, you decide to enjoy the last few milliseconds of your life looking at the amazing view on the way down.
And then, THUD! You're dead.



Anonymous said...

This is a funny way to die.. haha

Anonymous said...

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