Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Pauline (the HR manager at Excelics) came to me half an hour back looking quite anxious. She had a small IBM laptop with her (she later told me that it belonged to the CEO, Tao). She was trying to open a few powerpoint files which had words like 'investor' and 'presentation' and 'transceiver' in the file names. That was enough to jolt me right out of my late afternoon laziness!

Pauline wanted me to help install MS Office on her comp.. but the laptop did not have a cd drive.. so i told her that i can dload a pp viewer on my comp and copy it to her laptop using a usb drive.. and so i took the laptop, went to my cubicle and quickly installed the viewer.

Now, my brain started playing around with the idea of copying the pp files to my comp so that i can have a look at them later.. these files are from an actual presentation to a VC! that's like kryptonite for an entrepreneurship student.. but (and obviously), these files were highly confidential.. which meant that i had no business touching them..

me seeing those files wouldn't really harm anybody/anything.. i'm not their competitor or something.. i'm just a curious student! but could i keep my trap shut?

what du think i should've done?!


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