Sunday, June 25, 2006

Biggest philanthropic act in history!

Check out this unbelievable shit! Warren Buffet pledges to donate a whopping 31 BILLION $ of his wealth (that's 85% of his 44 billion) to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. That's like awesome AND freakin crazy! This is the single largest monetary donation in history!

Imagine what can be done with 31 billion dollars! I mean most countries cant afford to donate that much! This could mean some serious money going in to AIDs vaccine research among other things. Great stuff. I never expected Warren Buffet of all people to do this. To me, he always seemed to be one of those hardcore money-minded businessmen.

Hmmm.. Read on here for more details.


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sherene said...

this seems perplexing to us because we always attributed warren buffet's success to his desire to accumulate wealth..i think the most amazing lesson out of this is that good things come out of talent and an innate enjoyment of the work, to the point that the wealth holds no significance that one day one can wake up and give it all away to charity and not feel bad abt it :)

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