Monday, March 06, 2006

a new world...

its been months since my last post.. and i'm not gonna put a backlog of what i've been through all this while..
right now, i'm in the silicon valley on the NOC program from NUS (yea, i got in :).
i'm staying with two of my batchmates (yang bin and guang chen) in a nice 2 bedroom apartment at sunnyvale.. i get one br to myself :)
i'm working at this semiconductor company called excelics.. in the IT dept.. working on the ERP system.. my fellow NOC interns here are ashwini and chengyi..
hmm.. my classes at Stanford haven't started yet.. but i'm doing a course called New Venture Creation, organized by NOC at UCSC.. my prof is John Nesheim.. pretty cool guy.. he's a veteran of the whole startup scene in silicon valley..
my groupmates for NVC are gc, yb and liu chang.. and our biz plan is something about an online 3d shopping game.. something like an online meeting place plus shopping mall.. its liu chang's idea.. i was pretty sceptical about it first but then john's feedback after our executive summary was quite good.. and so we are sticking to this...
i just came bak from a snowboarding trip at tahoe.. was great fun.. my first time snowboarding.. my body's aching like crazy now!


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