Wednesday, May 11, 2005

surfing with the alien in bangalore!

finally everything's finalized...
i'm going to bangalore on the 17th for the joe satriani concert! its gonna be freakin cool i bet.. well, if u play the guitar, u'd know how big a thing this is.. getting to watch satriani play :)
well if u haven't heard of satriani before.. lemme tell u a bit bout him..
he's easily one of the best guitarists breathing air today... he's an instructor at berkeley.. and his students include guitar greats like steve vai and kirk hammett (of metallica).. hehe.. if he were indian he myt hav been called 'guitariston ka baap' :p
his music is mostly instrumental.. strong (and usually, clean) guitar riffs over cool beats.. he usually goes on concert once a year as part of the G3 (which includes Steve Vai and Eric Johnson... sometimes Yngwie Malmsteen plays with the G3 too)..
not every1 myt actually like lissening to Satriani's music.. some say he focuses too much on technique (high speed picking, etc.) that he loses track of the main idea behind playing the guitar (to make ear-pleasing music).. but i guess i disagree.. and anyways, even if the music doesn't appeal to some.. no one can deny that its freakin cool to watch him play the guitar at such crazy speeds.. its like the guitar is his third hand u know.. he seems to be doing it all with the apparent carefreeness that seems uncannily instinctive..
jus 6 days left.. sk is coming too..
ive spent 500 bucks on the ticket...and another 1000 on the train to blore n bak.. so hopefully it isnt a let down..

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Ashish said...

Hi da... How's life? And you ATTENDED the Joe Sat concert! How was it? And any plans of going for Megadeth in August?