Saturday, May 28, 2005

PhD anyone?

want a quick n easy PhD? apparently its not that difficult to get one after all... :)



Blogger Girl said...

How was joe satriani? Guitar is my life, and cannot live without it. Peace.

psycho said...

gr8 to know that u are interested in the guitar n all...
well i play the guitar... ive performed at a few concerts in and around my college... and yea...its very much my life too :)
the concert was great fun...and my trip to bangalore was amusing too... have wanted to write about it on my blog for quite sometime...will write as soon as i get some time...have been v busy lately :(
meanwhile check out my photo blog... ..
ive read a few posts from ur blog too... interesting :) .. i guess i'll be dropping in once in a while..
take care.