Friday, April 22, 2005

'i will not lie'!

engineering professionalism...wot a dumb fukin module!
they teach u shit like how its unethical to lie n all... duh.
and of course the lectures are infested with loads of dumb hi-fi sounding jargon... the only purpose of which is to make the experts in this field (of engineering professionalism) feel like they are not losers after all...
i had my EP exam today... n the funny part is that they allow u to bring in a cheat sheet!... WOW!
wot r u sposd to put in ther?! 'i will not lie', 'i will not harm my fellow human beings'...?! freaks!
anyways...i screwed up the paper...i think.
hadnt slept much last nyt...n the paper was tired of writing after a point.


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